Calendar of events on Island Murter and Kornati Islands

Calendar of the most important fests or events that traditionally take place in villages Murter, Betina, Jezera, Tisno and on Kornati islands every year.

About Murter Area & Point Of Interest


15th August – Feast of the Assumption – an important religious holiday of national and religious tradition – choirs, musical entertainment in the evening (square Rudina)

16th August – St. Roch’s – a votive day- pilgrimage to St. Roch’s hill(solemn mass, procession through the old town of Murter, people dressed in folk costumes of the region)

29th September – St. Michael’s – the patron saint of Murter – solemn mass with choral singing in the parish church of St.Michael, “The Latin Sail” – traditional regatta in wooden sailing boats, folk-party in the evening

Like many other shepherds and farm labourers, people working in the Kornat Islands obtained pastures and later cultivable land by burning. The process was repeated after several years , in a specific order and at a specified time. Although it is known that events sometimes went out of control, on the whole the pasture was burnt in an organized way. The consequence of burning pastures is the almost lunar landscape of the island of Kornat and some of the larger islands, e.g. Kurba, Škuj, Lunga.


The first Sunday in August – The “Brganje” day – a feast of shells in Betina – with a lot of music, folklore groups and wine, the whole night through till dawn

Beginning August – Folklore festivity – folklore dance groups from across Croatia.


26th May – Lady of Caravaggio – a religious holiday – a pilgrimage to the hill with the church of Lady of Caravaggio, mass held by the bishop, a large number of stalls with items of religious content

The first Sunday in August – Games on the current – games without frontiers in which players fight against the strong ocean currents below Tisno bridge. Games: fight to throw logs, diving letters, filling barrels, shoot the balloons from the jump … (Tisno bridge)

11th November – St. Martin – Day of Tisno – Christening of wine, the awards for achievements in various sectors, especially tourism


05th August – How our ancestors have lived and fested – review of old folk crafts and costumes of Jezera, competition in traditional skills – bleat figs, wearing shades, carrying heavy loads on their heads … (new square)

15th August – Velika Gospa – lakeside fishing party – large number of fish specialties along the lakeshore at symbolic prices as well as a folklore performance

8th September – Nativity of the Virgin Mary – day of Jezera inhabitants – classic party with lots of food and beverages, vocal ensembles, folklore, commemorative exhibition (new square)


April – Kornati cup – this traditional sailing regatta is a big event in our small town and it also marks the beginning of the tourist season

The first Sunday in July – Lady of Tarac – The feast on the occasion of our Lady of Tarac – a pilgrimage to Kornati on boats (bay Tarac on the island Kornat)

If you happen to find yourself on the island Murter during wintertime, try to be here in February, when the whole island is in the carnival spirit. This is when the inspiring carnival parades take place at daytime and masked balls start in the evenings (Sundays and Tuesdays).