The museum of Betina’s wooden shipbuilding

The museum of Betina’s wooden shipbuilding

The museum of Betina’s wooden shipbuilding is located in a protected cultural and historical area of Betina in the center of the village, in the building which in itself has a cultural, historical and architectural importance. The museum building  today combines elements of modern and traditional. At the same time, the modern exhibition collection is located within the habitat of a stone architectural complex made up of two buildings which are connected by an internal old  terrace paved by brick the way it was done during the 19th century.

The most valuable part of the complex is the old slar or balustrade built of stone and stone steps, with rough surfaces, an example of the typical Dalmatian BALATURA from the Baroque period to the early 20th century.  The external ambience of the building is emphasized by the triangular gable facade (the swallow), which is the most common on the facades of houses in the old rural units throughout the 19th century. The building of the Shipbuilding museum in Betina is an example of a successful contemporary revitalization, as the interpolation of new features brings new life into the preserved complex of rural architecture.
The museum’s holdings is 406 objects from the areas of shipbuilding, fishery, agriculture and daily life. On 250 m2 there are 5 exhibition rooms and a two-story gallery with the installations of marine equipment. With the presentation of an extremely valuable shipbuilding knowledge, tools and valuable ethnographic items that adduce the context of the former life in which the wooden boats of Betina were created, the Museum forms a unique cultural additon to touristic visits to Betina and Murter.

In the southeastern part of the building there is a presentation of scenes from everyday life in which the ship is inevitably incorporated – wedding customs, going to the overseas possessions, fishing and agriculture. Following the ethnological thread, the collection on the second floor of the northeastern part of the building continues the story and presents the tools that were used for fishing. From a multimedia simulation of the paths stemming from the necessities of life of inhabitants of Betina and Murter in different annual seasons the visitor gets an insight into the roles of the ships constructed in local shipyards.

The northwest part of the building is dedicated to the shipbuilding skills. The room on the 1st floor is a modern shipbuilding workshop with tools for rough and finishing woodworks. Continuing the story, the floor above reveals the secrets of the craft of wooden shipbuilding. In the original shipbuilder’s desk there is a multimedia display in which the visitors can make their own ship.

Between the two wings, on the ground floor of the courtyard is a sacred moment as a votive chapel dedicated to the patron saint of woodworkers, st. Joseph. In addition, there is the children’s corner with touch screen technology which shows children the technique of shipbuidling in a simple and playful manner. On the mezzanine floor of the courtyard section is the installation of the mast and sail pole with the original core that can, if necessary, be raised and lowered. The south-west surface of the outer courtyard wall holds a collection of a complete marine equipment.

Working hours

From 1 June to 30 September:
Tuesday – Sunday: 9-12 hours, 18-22 hours
Mondays, holidays and public holidays are not working.

From 1 October to 31 May:
Monday – Friday: 9-15 hours
Saturday: 9-12 hours
Public holidays and public holidays are not working.

Ticket prices

Adults: 25 kn
Children under 8 years: free
Pupils, students, pensioners: 15 kn
20% discount on groups (min. 10 persons)
Croatian, English, German and Italian
Price one-time use guide – free
professional guidance
Price (per group): 100 (by appointment)
Preschool children and students: free

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